Frangipani Lampshade

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The Frangipani Lampshade is inspired by frangipani flower and its overlapping petals.

Available as pendant or table lamp. Available in white or black.

Comes with NZ fitting 27mm diameter

Materials: Polypropylene plastic & acrylic.

The plastic is completely recyclable, and on average contains 30%-40% recycled component. It is chemically unreactive/biologically inert.

The materials used to create the Joug light shades are 100% recyclable. Firstly we produce each light shade with minimal waste. The wastage that does occur when making a light shade is gathered and delivered to a recycle company.

Dimensions: small 21cm x 26cm, medium 35cm x 26cm, large 51cm x 26cm and extra large 60cm x 26cm

Maximum Wattage: 60W, CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) or LED bulb

Joug lights shades are made from plastic and can be cleaned with hot soapy water or, if you have stubborn dirt, please use an eco friendly cleaning liquid.